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Tired of talking about COVID-19 yet? Us, too. Let’s talk about a post-COVID world instead.    The past few months have been … ahem … a whirlwind. Your world has been flipped upside down. You, your... more
5 Ways SMBs Can Improve Data Security on a Budget
Small businesses and large enterprises may seem worlds apart, but they face many of the same cyber-security threats. In fact, modern-day cyber criminals continue to target SMBs simply because they... more
2021: Year of the Mobile User - ACT360 blog post
  It's been a year like no other in history. The world came to a screaching halt as a deadly virus spread city to city, country to country at an alarming rate. A global pandemic changed the world we... more
12 Hard Truths About Data Recovery & Business Continuity
What is business continuity? In short, it's the ability to retrieve data from anywhere at any time. It's one of those things you don't think about ... until it's too late.    SMBs can be wiped out by... more
Risk Management B2B Cyber Security
B2B companies are urging their technology leaders to re-think their approach to protecting their systems and data, which raises the critical question:    Given limited resources and constantly... more
Outbound or Inbound Marketing: Why You Don’t Have to Choose
In the olden days, outbound marketing was called “marketing.” Remember KFC’s “Finger lickin’ good” and Rice Krispies’ “Snap, crackle, pop”? The emergence of the Information Age has created a whole... more
20 Cyber Security Stats to Justify Spend
Did you know that hackers attack every 39 seconds? That’s an average of 2,244 times a day.   Think it can’t happen to you?   If it can happen to some of the largest, most protected companies in North... more
How To Choose the Right Content Management System (CMS)
  Before you write one line of code, before you design one layer of design, and before you write one word of copy, there is a much larger question you need to answer:   Which Content Management... more
3 Ways to Preserve Your Computer Network
When you don’t preserve your network, you set yourself up for critical issues, not the least of which include data loss and downtime. Here are 3 things you can do right now to protect your network... more
Woman counts money in office
You’ve heard it a thousand times – content is king. It’s true. Content is everywhere. It’s online, in books, and on TV. It’s on benches, billboards, and buses. We listen to it, we watch it, we read... more


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