Barrie Microsoft Managed Service Provider

Barrie Microsoft Managed Service Provider

Only DEEP MSP by ACT360 Covers Each of the NINE Areas of Your Technology Backbone for Truly Comprehensive IT Management

When you choose ACT360 as your Barrie IT Managed Services Provider, you’ll get comprehensive tech coverage you can count on to grow your business while reducing risk of downtime or data loss.
Migration ManagementAn important part of any Managed Service Provider’s job is to ensure migration from one MSP to another, or from in-house servers and network to ours, happens smoothly, efficiently, and without undue downtime of essential business functions.
While every client’s migration is a little bit different, your ACT360 DEEP MSP™ engagement includes:
Initial “paranoid level” backups of EVERYTHING in your network and infrastructure before we touch anything

Initial “People First” Onboarding to determine how and why things were set up the way they were, so we understand the business and human purpose for processes, applications, and workarounds
Initial benchmarking of your network, ticket load, and other KPIs to see where you are at before changes are made by us
Creation of a detailed migration plan and documentation outlining the existing client systems, applications, and hardware and what changes will be made
Coordination with current or former IT providers, if any, to gather necessary passwords and documentation
On-site installation of any required hardware or station equipment
Installation and setup of new and Microsoft-approved anti-virus software
Migration from the old provider to the new provider
Rigorous testing and acceptance
Managed IT Services – ServerWhether your server is hosted on-premises or in the cloud, part of your DEEP MSP™ project with ACT360 includes managing your server.
Your ACT360 DEEP MSP™ engagement includes:
Initial server installation and ongoing maintenance
Performance metrics & monitoring
Deployment of operating system and software patches
Planning, scheduling, and performing software/firmware maintenance and upgrades in ways which don’t inconvenience your staff or your customers
Service monitoring and availability checks for business-critical services including DNS, DHCP, Exchange, II, SQL Server, TS, and more
Server backup plan, ongoing server backups, and server backup monitoring
Enforcement of IT policy management
Server license management
Managed IT Services – ClientAnother important aspect of hiring a Managed Service Provider is handling the hardware and software needs of your end users.
Your ACT360 DEEP MSP™ engagement includes:
Management of end user licenses (O365 and other applications)
Management of hardware procurement and provisioning
Management of access control according to business requirements and industry best practices
Management of user account creation, deletion, and configuration
Remote setup and configuring of Windows laptops and other devices
Reminders about upcoming license renewals
Advising on how to save costs on hardware and software
Patch management to keep systems and software up-to-date and secure
Help desk support for 50-150 employees (see Managed Service Desk & Support)
Managed Information SecurityNow more than ever, the security of your network and the safeguarding of your proprietary data is critical. A breach could cost you thousands, not to mention the potential for leaked IP and reduced customer trust. When you work with us, we put your IT security first.
Your ACT360 DEEP MSP™ engagement includes:
Installation and configuration of industry-standard antivirus and anti-malware software
Management of antivirus and security defenses for servers and endpoints
Management of network firewalls
Management of email filtering, spam protection, and virus detection
24/7/365 monitoring, detection, notification, and response to suspected system compromises
Ongoing recommendations for improved security protocols, processes, best practices, configuration changes, and other needs as necessary to keep your IT secure
Training as needed of staff and leadership
Managed Service Desk & SupportNo Managed Service Provider (MSP) project would be complete without service desk (helpdesk) support, and working with ACT360 is no different.
Your ACT360 DEEP MSP™ engagement includes:
24/7/365 access to a friendly and human support team via ticketing system, email, and phone
Live phone support, email support, and on-site support as needed (depends on the issue)
User-friendly ticketing system and issue tracking and reporting
Tier 1, 2, and 3 escalation support as well as a Service Coordinator and VCIO
Monthly dashboard and report of service desk usage
Response time monitoring and review with the MSP and your leadership to ensure your team’s support needs are being met
Business-friendly Service Level Agreement
Training as needed on common issues
Virtual CIO (VCIO) - Your IT Strategist and Point of Contact 
We believe that you need the right tools, the right team, the right business alignment, and the right strategy in order to succeed. With the Virtual and Fractional CIO (VCIO), you can rest assured that you’ll get the same level of expert IT strategy the “big guys” get, but for a fraction of the investment. 
Your ACT360 DEEP MSP™ engagement includes:
“Virtual CIO” who provides ongoing IT strategy to align with your business goals and objectives
Expert advice on hardware, software, and networking best practices and course of direction
Advisor to sit in meetings with other vendors and with the Board
Establishment and tracking of important IT Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
VCIO-led Quarterly Business Review (QBR) Meetings
IT Reporting & TrackingImprovement happens when we track the data, review the data, and make data-driven decisions. That’s why, when you work with us, you’ll get access to a dashboard and ongoing reports.
Your ACT360 DEEP MSP™ engagement includes:
Dashboard and Reporting of Ticket Usage, Network Uptime, and other IT KPIs
Monthly report on open and closed tickets, service calls taken, average times to respond, and resolved call requests/issues
Monthly report of issues requires escalation and action taken or needing to be taken to resolve the issue
Quarterly meetings (QBRs) to report on outstanding issues, capacity, network status, firewall changes, application deployments and more throughout the quarter
Quarterly review of the health and performance of the network
Quarterly review and discussion of work to be done and potential IT projects
Quarterly review, optimization, and automation of at least one new business process
Quarterly review of upcoming license renewals, hardware purchases needed, and other upgrades needed
Annual reporting of IT hardware and software upgrades required over the next 3-5 years (as determined by the business needs, goals, and budget)
Annual review of the work completed and overall IT statistics, issues, budget, and wins
Business Process Improvement & AutomationWe believe that done right, your technology can save you up to $200,000 per user thanks to improved productivity, cost savings, and increased profitability. To this end, partnering with us as your Managed Service Provider includes business process improvement and technology-enabled automation using Microsoft-friendly tools.
Your ACT360 DEEP MSP™ engagement includes:
Review of all your user processes and workflows for areas of automation and optimization
Quarterly review of your processes with your team and ours to explore how to reduce bottlenecks and improve productivity
Reduction in time spent moving files, rebooting servers and computers, and performing routine tasks during critical work hours
Ongoing IT Professional Services ProjectsAs your strategic VCIO and MSP, we know that other projects will happen from time-to-time such as the need for new data centers, updated cabling, a new website, and other necessary IT projects. We’re here to help, so your project also includes access to our team for further IT projects.
Your ACT360 DEEP MSP™ engagement includes:
Recommendation, estimate, and proposal for ongoing IT professional services work
Expansion of your IT department by doing work in application development, website development (Drupal or WordPress), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or other networking/infrastructure/server tasks outside the scope of the DEEP MSP™ engagement

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