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Act360 is the premiere IT services company for organizations throughout Barrie and Southern Ontario. Connect with our team to discover how we can take IT off your daily worry list.

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Act360 Is A Top Southern Ontario and Barrie IT Services Company

When your team partners with Act360, you immediately have access to the smartest minds in the information technology community in Barrie and across Ontario.

Why should your company partner with the Barrie IT services team at Act360?

With a growing business, the best thing you can do is to let a company like ours handle your IT needs. Here are the reasons why:


Staying on top of tech issues and knowledge would be cost prohibitive for your company. Since this is what we do, we are always learning what’s working and what’s coming in the near future. This takes the pressure off of your company and makes us a better solution than having in-house tech staff.


Having multiple staff members focused on IT puts you in the position of covering multiple salaries to meet the needs of your company as it grows. When you have us help, you don’t have to pay anywhere near as much and get better results. You can take that extra money and invest it in other company areas that need attention.

Reduced Stress.

Your management team has enough to worry about. When we handle the IT side of your company, it pulls it almost entirely off the plate of your existing staff. You can trust that we’ll stay in front of your needs and keep things up and running for you. If the rare emergency does pop up, we’ll be there and solve it for you at the same speed you’d expect from someone on your staff.


If you sign up with one of our service plans, you don’t have to work from a “break/fix” perspective anymore. Weird things can happen, but we do everything we can to stay in front of things that would knock your employees offline during work hours. This keeps the sales flowing and lets your people do their best work at the most important times.


Any service plan clients receive discounts on services outside of their plan. This lets you worry less. In the rare case of an emergency, you’ll pay less by having us as part of your team.

The Barrie IT Services Company You've Been Looking For!

Act360 Web & IT Inc. is your full-service IT services company in Barrie and Southern Ontario.

Act360 is the full service IT services company your Barrie and Southern Ontario needs.

When you partner with Act360. You have a team of dedicated IT services professionals based in Barrie to oversee all your business IT needs.

We’ll enhance your infrastructure with our unsurpassed experience by providing you with an outsourced solution that decreases company expenses while providing superior service.

Our team will be your solution whether you need a quick fix to a hardware issue or ongoing monthly support, management, and observation to prevent emergencies.

Over the last 10+ years, Act360 has become the premier source of IT services in Barrie and the surrounding area.

Whether you want to prevent ongoing issues or ensure the safety of your data, we’ll help you do it. Fast.

Our staff of IT and internet experts will be there by your side helping you through planning and sourcing the tech set up your company needs — easier and faster than you’d think was possible.

Call the Barrie IT services team today at Act360 to get your free IT services proposal.

Consultative Services

  • System Optimizations and Enhancement
  • IT Assessments and Planning
  • Full Remote Observation and Consulting

Proactive Services

  • Cloud System Creation
  • Data Protection and Backup
  • Network Organization and Optimization
  • Process Creation and Improvements
  • App and Website Creation

Reactive Services

Small Business Productivity

  • System Optimizations and Enhancement
  • IT Assessments and Planning
  • Full Remote Observation and Consulting

VCIO Services

  • IT Strategy
  • People Alignment
  • Technology, Team, Tools, and Processes


  • Phone, Ethernet, and Others
  • Network Organization and Optimization
  • Data Protection and Backup

The Barrie IT Services Experience


We start with the big IT question: How can we help?

The answer to this question guides the rest of our journey together. Our first meeting will be discussing the IT challenges you’re currently facing and which solutions we have that will help you conquer them. Once we find the best path to a solution, we move into the next step.


One of our project managers will assemble a proposal that covers the issues you’re facing.

Our goal is always to meet and exceed your expectations, so expect a fair price on a solution designed to solve your problems. We don’t believe in using high pressure tactics to sell you. Once you give us your approval, we move onto the final step.


Get it done.

Finally, we begin to implement the solutions we chose. We like to move fast to eliminate issues, so expect us to stick to our agreed timelines. Your project manager will update you often to get you back on track quickly. Once the work is completed, we’ll get rolling on whatever we decide comes next.

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