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ACT360: Barrie IT and Managed Services Provider

From our founding in 2009 as Affordable Computer Techs to today, we’re here to help you leverage your technology to work more productively, collaborate more effectively, and drive business value.

At the end of the day, we want you to end technology worries so you can get back to serving your customers, managing your team, and growing your business.
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What if you could...

Stop Worrying
about your website, software licenses, antivirus updates, hardware procurement and more because you knew it was ALL handled by an expert team
End Hassles
and tedious “workarounds” from applications which don’t play nice with each other
CONNECT your team members
together under unified and holistic software applications for better collaboration and information sharing
PROTECT your business IP
and your customer data from hackers and malicious entities thanks to powerful antivirus software and security best practice
REDUCE your risk
thanks to a safer and more secure IT network and infrastructure
SCALE your business
thanks to cost savings and profit generation resulting from improved IT management, productivity, and applications
EASE the burden
of making technical decisions and pass the IT strategy to a “Fractional CIO” (Virtual CIO) whose expertise spans industries
ALIGN your business strategy
with your technology operations to drive real business value

We’re here to help.
Click to explore how we can help your business succeed.


Meet the Barrie IT Team

We’re a small, laid-back group of tech experts with experience in hardware, software, networking, and technology strategy. Learn a little more about us below and click here to explore our job openings.
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Adam Bowles

President & Partner
Specialties: Front-end Development, WordPress, Drupal
Adam is the president and a Partner at ACT360. His experience is in helping take business ideas and goals and turning them into websites.

Jeffrey Bowles

IT Director & Partner
Specialty:  Creating IT solutions
Jeffrey excels at helping clients transfer there IT from being a cost area, into a business accesset that helps them to grow.
team member
team member

Adan Silva

Web Director & Partner
Specialty: Backend web development
Adan is the Web Director and a Partner at ACT360 and has been a valued team member for over 10 years. After studying in Baja California, Mexico, and in Canada, he grew to love computer programming and web development. He enjoys soccer, mountain climbing, and being outside. When he’s not collaborating with team members on building awesome Drupal websites for clients, he’s attending Drupal conferences and whipping up amazing Mexican cuisine.


On Site Small Business Technician

team member
team member


Front-line Technician
Specialties: Desktop Computing, Cloud Computer, and Server Administration


Outbound Sales
team member
team member


Front End Developer
Specialties: Front-End Development, User Experience, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Animation 
Jordan was always creative, and so went to school to be an architect, animator, or graphic designer. He loves working with clients on projects and helping them turn their vision into a functional, well-designed website. When he’s not working on websites at ACT360, he’s spending time with his family. Jordan received a 3-year Graphic Design Advanced Diploma and a 2-year Interactive Media Developer Diploma, both from Fanshawe College.


Web Developer
Specialties: Full stack web development
Nathan is a Web Developer who’s been on the team for over a decade. He says, “I’m a fan of problem solving and accessible tech that makes life easier.” Nathan received his Diploma in Web Animation and Design with Honors. When he’s not working to make responsive and accessible websites, he’s spending time with friends, cooking, and keeping up with web trends.  
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Client Service Coordinator
Specialties: Custom Service
Heather is one of ACT360’s newest hires, joining the team in 2021 as Client Service Coordinator. She’s a natural at organizing people and projects, and has served as a coordinator for many years. She loves solving problems with customers and helping them feel valued. When she’s not serving as the IT team’s point of content, she collects stamps. She says, “they’re little pieces of art with a story to tell. I have thousands of stamps from all over the world.”  


IT Support
team member


Web Project Manager

Our Story

In 2008, ACT360 founder Adam Bowles finished high school and wanted to put his interest in technology to work, so he posted an ad for consumer computer repair. He spent 2 years serving local companies out of his basement before applying to Georgia College’s “WBAN” program in 2009.  

While attending school, he found that there were many freelance jobs on the school website, and applied for and won all of them. He was so busy during the first coop period that he worked through it himself; by the second coop period, he was hiring other students.  

In Adam’s second year of business, Adam hired Jeffrey Bowles to take over the IT side and the company’s third employee, Adan Silva came on a year later. Nathan, another college peer, joined for a co-op, and now 10 years later is back working for ACT360.

In 2016, we rebranded Affordable Computer Techs to ACT360, at which point we introduced our MSP program and strategic IT services beyond mere “break fix” to help mid-sized companies, government agencies, and schools with their technology.
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