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Act360’s Small Business Computer Support And Services Are Perfect For Barrie & Southern Ontario Companies With Under 10 Employees

Experience Small Business Computer Support & Service From Barrie's Trusted Name In Technology Solutions.

The perfect computer support service for businesses with 10 or less employees.

As the CEO of a small business, the buck stops with you. So, when hackers attempt to steal your customer data. . . or viruses steal your team’s productivity. . . it’s up to YOU and your team to pick up the pieces.

If you’re relying on an internal team member, you’re relying on that one person’s experience to prevent and solve complex IT problems. And if that team member is YOU, then you’re leaving your IT to chance. Without an experienced team on board, you face unnecessary risks, and a costly IT bill should anything go wrong.

What Could Go Wrong?

What Could Go Wrong?

Even for small companies and non-profits, there’s the potential for problems if you aren’t proactively managing for risk, including:

  • Malicious injection of malware and viruses that slows down your computers, reroutes your websites, and puts your data at risk
  • Slow computers thanks to a lack of routine optimization and cloud storage
  • Losses of invaluable files, videos, and client data due to hardware or server losses
  • Former employees or volunteers shutting down applications and stealing data due to a lack of centralized access control

Introducing Small Business Computer Support From Act360

Designed for small businesses with fewer than 10 employees,
our Small Business Productivity Package supports your small business growth through:
One-time Security Assessment
One-time Security Assessment to ensure your setup is secure
Included Antivirus Installation, Fixes, and Updates
Included Antivirus Installation, Fixes, and Updates to maintain 24/7 coverage
Daily Automated Data Backups to the cloud for peace of mind
Daily Automated Data Backups to the cloud for peace of mind
20+ On-Demand Office365 Training Courses
20+ On-Demand Office365 Training Courses to help your team get the most of O365
360 Degree Knowledge Bank
360 Degree Knowledge Bank so when something goes wrong, we know what’s going on in your network, systems, and business to help support any issues
Individual PC Backups
Individual PC Backups so no data is lost (up to 50GB total)
Complete System Security Management
Complete System Security Management keeping your Windows and Antivirus Updated
New Computer Purchasing & Replacement
New Computer Purchasing & Replacement (including setup!) so you can ensure it’s done right
Helpdesk Support via Email, Phone, & Ticket
Helpdesk Support via Email, Phone, & Ticket from ACT360’s expert IT team when needed, with 1 hour for every five (5) users included at no extra cost
Helpdesk Ticketing Software + Reporting
Helpdesk Ticketing Software + Reporting to track your team’s ticket volume and trends
Service Coordinator
Service Coordinator giving you a knowledgeable, friendly point of contact for escalating IT issues to your support team
The Small Business Productivity Package gives your growing small business maximum tech coverage at an affordable price. And because we know your business, this option ends up being cheaper than most “Break/Fix” providers should an issue arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Act360 Small Business Computer Support Service

My team is larger than 10 people. Why isn’t this program right for me?

DEEP MSP has simple, per-user pricing that’s all inclusive. Click aSmall teams with fewer than 10 employees tend to have different tech needs than a growing company with 15, 25, or even 75 employees. The amount of helpdesk support also goes up, which makes it more economical for you to support your team’s questions and issues at an all-inclusive helpdesk model via our DEEP MSP Program, rather than with this more limited to explore our pricing.

What happens if something DOES break? What will that look like in terms of costs?

The reason we include the 360 Degree Knowledge Bank is so that IF in the unlikely event something does happen, we have a head start on what could be going wrong and how to fix it quickly. And quicker resolution means a more affordable resolution for you. With Break/Fix providers, they’re starting from scratch each time, leading to hefty invoices. With ACT360’s Small Business Productivity Package, any fixes leverage knowledge of your systems and setup, our 10+ years IT experience, our cross-industry experience, and our Microsoft and networking expertise. . . giving you faster response and resolution times.

Talk to us to learn more about this program and how you’ll benefit.

Our company runs proprietary software, such as AutoCAD. Can you still help?

Of course! Our best clients are accountants, dentists, engineers, and others who have proprietary software needing complex software support.

How does this program increase my team’s productivity?

We’re obsessed about leveraging technology to improve productivity, because when your team is more productive, your business is more profitable. We use proven Microsoft tools and business process optimization to automate manual tasks and streamline internal processes.

Do you have to be onsite to deploy new computers?

Nope! Once we set it up, your team can take advantage of secure remote deployment that’s as easy as turning on the laptop, logging in, and letting the startup software do its work to setup and configure everything needed. Ask us about this on our call if you’re interested.

When should we begin the conversation?

That depends on you! If you have an upcoming quarterly or annual budget meeting coming up, it’s wise to begin talking to use as soon as possible so we can explore how you’ll benefit and if this program meets your needs. Otherwise, book a call at any time.

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