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Powerful Web Design & Marketing

We develop powerful websites by starting with the end goal and working backwards so our client’s websites accomplish more. Whether you need; eCommerce sales, business leads, brand growth, or something else entirely, we will develop a strategy around your website to accomplish your goals.
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Our Specialties

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Website Rebuild

We will analyze your website to understand what why it’s not working and rebuild it with performance in mind.
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SEO Impact

Give your website a boost by improving it’s ability to get found on the world’s leading Search Engines.
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Small Updates

Have a website that works and already drives business? We can assess what works and build upon that foundation.
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Web Design Services

Our diverse range of web offerings allow us to create the perfect project based on your unique goals and requirements. We consider the long-term manageability and lifetime cost of each website and strategically build your website so that updates, changes and future expansions are baked into the planning process.

Our unique development environment allows us to share previews before pushing changes live for complete transparency and approval throughout the entire process.
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Website Development
ACT360’s websites are engineered to look great and perform on every device. Custom crafted interfaces ensure a smooth user experience while the latest optimization techniques keep things running at top speed.
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ECommerce Development
Whether you’re selling 1 fully custom product or a 1,000+ product inventory, our experience with eCommerce is extensive. Our eCommerce websites are feature-rich including upselling add-ons, promos and coupons, secure encryption, and much more.
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Graphic Design
Our approach to graphic design is about communication through imagery. Properly representing your brand increases trust and decreases price sensitivity, ultimately improving customer acquisition and retention.
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Web Application Development
We work with you to develop custom applications for use in your business, ranging from simple applications to track customers, to fully managed systems that will run your entire business.

Our Common Platforms

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Ranging from blogs to corporate and government websites, Drupal is a popular open-source content management system written in PHP.
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A popular PHP platform for eCommerce, Magento’s next-gen technology breathes new life into the eCommerce industry.

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The world’s most popular content management system, Wordpress is very user friendly with a diverse plugin library.
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Digital Marketing Services

No website is complete without a foundation for marketing. We use data and research to determine how to position each website for success after launch.

We will work with you to determine your business objectives and develop a strategy to build on that foundation to grow your business in line with your goals.
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Audience Targeting
A key element to any website is knowing your target audience. This influences everything from how it’s written to how it’s designed, and much more. We focus on narrowing in on the audience most valuable to your business and crafting an experience that will convert them into customers.
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Search Engine Optimization
SEO is critical for having your website show up at the top of Google results. Customers are more likely to trust web pages near the top of Google and other search engines making it an extremely valuable traffic stream.

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Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion is all about influencing user’s behaviour towards completing the goals that are most valuable to your business. From A/B testing, to split testing, to screen recording and heatmaps, our state-of-the-art tracking tools help us uncover the best conversion path for each project.
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Marketing Automation
Boost customer loyalty with automated email marketing that target’s your varied audiences with custom messages/offers based on behaviour. Save time and money by automating the processes over time.
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Content & Copywriting
The right copy brings your business to life and influences conversion rates. From web content to ad copy, our focus is to guide users through the buying process to become customers or high-quality leads depending on your business's unique goals.

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PPC ads are the fastest way to get traffic, be it Facebook or Google. Paying each time a user clicks on your ad allows us to have you appear at the top of Google overnight and gives us ultimate control over the ad copy and features.
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