ACT360 & Environmental Systems Corporation
A Dynamic Duo in Innovation and Excellence

Environmental Systems Corporation chooses ACT360 for outsourced IT services in Barrie, showcasing a strategic move for enhanced tech support and solutions.

ACT360 & Environmental Systems Corporation: A Dynamic Duo in Innovation and Excellence

Companies need more than an IT service in today's rapidly advancing technological landscape. They require a holistic partner who understands their operations and can infuse them with cutting-edge technology solutions. For Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC), that partner was ACT360 Web & I.T., proving to be a pivotal player in pushing ESC to the zenith of their industry.

Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC): Setting The Gold Standard

For those unfamiliar with the realm of critical environments, Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC) might seem like another player. But delve a little deeper and realize they're much more than that. ESC specializes in designing and building cleanrooms that meet stringent ISO 14644 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Requirements. Their domain spans life sciences, including pharmaceutical packaging and state-of-the-art biotechnology labs. They're not just about creating rooms but about designing environments where precision is paramount.

They have a solid track record, with projects validated to meet benchmarks like GMP, cGMP and standards set by global authorities like the FDA and Health Canada. ESC's custom manufacturing of air handling systems is a testament to their dedication to quality. They recognize that the heart of a cleanroom lies in controlling elements like temperature, humidity, and air changes, ensuring cascading pressure differentials are maintained.

ACT360 and ESC: Beginning of A Game-Changing Partnership

How did a company like ESC, which operates at the forefront of its sector, come to partner with ACT360? Vern Solomon, the founder of ESC, shed some light. The relationship was sparked in an unlikely situation when Vern had a cracked iPhone. In their quest for an IT company adept with Mac environments (a rarity in Canada), ESC chanced upon ACT360.

"For ESC, we didn't just want a Windows fixer. We yearned for an IT partner who truly 'got' the Apple world - and we found them!"

This partnership wasn't just about fixing devices, though. With its mix of Mac and Windows environments, ESC needed an IT champion. ACT360 rose to the challenge, supporting ESC in every technical facet, whether IT services, websites, or application development. Vern extolled ACT360's prowess, highlighting how they always seemed to have "the right people at the right time."

ACT360: Not Just A Service, But A Strategic Advantage

One of the hallmarks of ACT360 is its proactive approach. As Vern shared, ACT360 always stays ahead of the curve, anticipating and preparing for technical challenges. Their commitment is unwavering. An email or a call is all it takes for the ownership group to address any issues ECS may encounter.

“ACT360 consistently dominates the tech frontier, fearlessly forecasting and masterfully maneuvering through any technical challenge.”

Adam Bowles of ACT360 provided a deeper look into their collaboration. Their engagement with ESC isn't just about offering a service; it's about innovation. Over the past four years, they have closely engaged with ESC, which has approximately 50 computer users, continuously proposing ideas and solutions. They've even boldly countered ideas they believe aren't the right fit for ESC, showing their commitment to the bigger picture.

Innovative Solutions: Taking ESC To The Next Level

One of the most notable achievements of this partnership is the development work for SmartC. ACT360 played a crucial role in building a web application that ESC is now bringing to the market. This project wasn't a walk in the park. The application, with 150 displays, is ambitious, with ACT360 also aiding in developing the associated hardware, including custom board displays.


In an age where businesses can no longer operate in silos, collaborations like ACT360 and Environmental Systems Corporation highlight the potency of a synergistic relationship. ACT360, with its forward-thinking approach and expertise, combined with ESC's drive for excellence, has cemented their positions as leaders in their respective domains. For manufacturing firms across Ontario looking for an IT partner, ACT360's work with ESC serves as a shining beacon of what's achievable when two powerhouses collaborate.

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