What Makes Us Different

We’re a Microsoft Silver Competency Certified Managed Service Provider in Barrie, Ontario dedicated to helping mid-sized businesses, government entities, and schools manage their IT. Our team is close-knit, relatively laid back, and all local. We believe that your technology should be a source of profit, rather than a source of headaches.  

When you work with us, you’ll find the “all in one” pricing for our DEEP MSP partnership to be easy and scalable, giving you more service at a lower cost than hiring a full in-house team or choosing a more admin-heavy MSP competitor. Your team members will love the easy-to-use Service Desk Support that makes getting a hold of our local team a breeze. And your CEO will love the built-in VCIO service that helps support business initiatives through technology while also finding ways to save you costs, increase your team’s productivity, and thus improve profit margins. Win-win!  

When you’re ready for a personable, friendly, and experienced IT team, reach out and let’s chat about your needs and if the DEEP MSP partnership is right for you.
March 2022 Team

Our Values

Be the Customer
Give the 360° Solution
Be a Problem Solver
Always Looking Forwards
Working to Live, Not living to work
Treating Employees Like Experts
We listen to our customers and other team members to understand the full scope of the requirements and goals. We aim to put ourselves in your shoes as we design and build the processes, tools, and infrastructure that will make your team more productive.
Our goal is to give our clients the full solution, and that we actively are making suggestions and ideas to improve the value our clients get. To this end, we developed our DEEP MSP partnership that goes beyond mere service desk or IT support to give a VCIO, IT Strategy, and Process Improvement. That way, your technology becomes a profit enhancer rather than a profit hindrance.
We look beyond the problem in front of us to find the source of the problem, so we can resolve it. When we work as your Managed Service Provider, we’ll work with your team and any vendors until we have fully fixed the issue at hand.
Sometimes, the problem is us. In those circumstances, we strive to deal with our mistakes as a team, learn from them, fix them, and then not look back and repeat them. We also aim to provide proactive and forward-facing solutions by identifying issues as soon as they’re spotted, and then helping you find ways to correct problems efficiently and well.
We believe in creating a flexible, asynchronous, and remote-friendly work place, remembering that people work at ACT360 to support their lives and families, and not to make work the centre of their world. This value guides how we manage and collaborate with team members. We want our employees to feel supported to take care of family and personal needs. If the work is getting done well and on time, and it's working with the team, then we are flexible.
We believe our employees can and should be trusted to have ownership over their work and feel empowered to improve results.

We hire experts, and so we trust our experts to create solutions in efficient ways which work for them. We're not looking for order-takers, but employees willing to grow in their knowledge and expertise, express a willingness to learn, and who will seek continual improvement for the company and for our clients.

Whether You Already Have a Managed Service Provider or Are Just Getting Started, We Can Help.

Our experienced team has over a decade of IT experience and is ready to help you succeed. But don’t take our word for it – come talk to us and see for yourself.
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