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Barrie's Managed IT Service Provider
How many times has your team submitted a ticket only to see the same problem again... and again... and again. . . for recurring issues like:
Windows updates causing lag, decreasing productivity during business hours.
Slow logins costing your staff time and production.
Rising costs every year despite stable licenses on your machines.
Repeated issues with printers and network connectivity
You shouldn’t have to be a “squeaky wheel” in order to get problems resolved in a timely fashion. And let’s face it, if your existing IT service provider can’t fix the “small things”, can you trust they’re taking care of the big items?
Managed IT Service Provider In Barrie
DEEP MSP Program In The Barry Area.
ACT360 is a leading provider of VCIO-led IT Managed Services in the Barrie area. Our DEEP MSP Program was built exclusively to meet the needs of 50-150 user organizations.

Click to explore how you’ll benefit and what you’ll get as a valued IT MSP client.

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Barrie Ontario IT Services for Professional Services, Government, and Education

Since 2009, we’ve served Barrie area businesses with affordable and expert IT services. Click to learn about how our services help you drive more business value.

DEEP Managed IT

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Virtual & Fractional CIO

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Structured Cabling Installs

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Outsourced IT Help Desk

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SEO-Driven Marketing Website

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IT Security & Antivirus

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    Everyone on the team is quick to respond to my inquiries.  I feel like a valued customer, and ACT360 is eager to help me grow my business.

    ~ Angela

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    Excellent, attentive service with no "tech babble". Adam was awesome, had me up and running again in no time.

    In a world with shrinking margins and competition crowding us in all directions one's Value Proposition has to be People and Service. Act360 understands this and has won my loyalty because of it

    ~ Joe Roberts

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    This is a great place. These guys are professional, knowledgeable, and very efficient.

    ~B Pel

Success Stories

Explore ACT360 Client Case Studies

Technology isn’t always the most exciting area in your business, however we believe it doesn’t have to be this way. Our clients have transformed their business by leveraging technology to improve team productivity, save costs, and increase profits.
Barrie ON Outsourced IT Services
Case Study National Healthcare Organization

ACT360 Web & I.T. has transformed's online presence with its strategic focus on SEO and lead generation. Our targeted...

Case Study Mobility Matters

Mobility Matters, a forward-thinking physiotherapy organization based in Ontario, Canada, is an emblem of dedication and innovation in the healthcare...

Case Study Gerrtis Engineering

A local engineering firm in Barrie needed a reliable IT partner with Autocad experience. Act36o is one of the only...

Case Study Environmental Company In Barrie

Environmental Systems Corporation chooses ACT360 for outsourced IT services in Barrie, showcasing a strategic move for enhanced tech support and...

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Where to Find Microsoft Networking Support in Barrie

ACT360 Web & IT Inc. is known for creating and implementing first-class solutions around these products, making our team the perfect choice for businesses in Barrie looking for support with their Microsoft networking.

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Hi, my name is Jeffrey Bowles and I’m the co-founder of ACT360 and Head of IT Services at ACT360. 

I’m on a mission to give smaller Barrie organizations the strategic advantage they deserve. As your Virtual CIO, I’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that whatever project we’re on – whether it’s a small network cabling job or a multi-year IT Managed Service Provider engagement – works to exceed your expectations and make you feel great about having chosen ACT360 as your technology partner.  

When you’re ready to talk more about your needs and how we might be able to help, fill out the form. We'll get back to you quickly to schedule a no-obligation chat. If we feel we’re a mutual fit for each other, then we’ll move forward from there. And in the unlikely case we’re not, then you’ll at least be one step closer to figuring out your needs.  

There’s no risk or obligation to your call, just an hour of your time. Use the form to request a chat now.

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