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Master the Art of Silencing Microsoft Teams Notifications

Master the Art of Silencing Microsoft Teams Notifications: A Comprehensive Guide Are you overwhelmed by the constant barrage of Microsoft Teams notifications? Have you ever wished for a way to silence them while still staying up-to-date with the essentials? Look no further. This comprehensive guide will walk you through managing and turning off Microsoft Teams […]

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The Rising Tide of Cybersecurity Threats and ACT360's Solutions for Barrie, Orillia, and Simcoe County

The increasing prevalence of cyber attacks in Canada underscores the importance of robust cybersecurity measures for businesses in Barrie, Orillia, and Simcoe County. ACT360 Web & I.T. Services offers comprehensive and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions tailored to the specific needs of companies in the region.

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Anticipating Exciting Features in the Forthcoming Apple iOS 17

A Comprehensive Look into the Upcoming iOS 17 Enhancements for Your Apple Device As a dedicated Apple user, you’re probably looking forward to the release of the highly anticipated Apple iOS 17. This major update promises to bring an array of new and exciting features to elevate your experience with your Apple devices. Here, we’ve […]

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The Power of 5G Networks

The Power of 5G: Six Industries Poised for Transformation As a business professional, you may have heard about the incredible potential of 5G networks. While you might not be a 5G expert, understanding this groundbreaking technology’s real-world applications and benefits is essential for keeping your business competitive. This article will explore the top six industries […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Microsoft Loop for Enhanced Productivity

Discover the Power of Microsoft Loop: Boost Your Team Collaboration in Outlook and Teams Microsoft Loop is revolutionizing how we collaborate, and it’s about time you experienced its full potential. This versatile tool allows users to streamline their workflows in Outlook and Teams, making communication and project management more efficient than ever. In this in-depth […]

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Microsoft Office Adoption Score

Microsoft Office Adoption Score: Understanding Its Importance and Enhancing Your Company’s Productivity As an IT leader, you are likely aware of the power of Microsoft Office tools in streamlining processes and boosting productivity within your organization. However, you might not be utilizing these tools to their fullest potential. Enter the Microsoft Office Adoption Score. This […]

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New Utah Law Restricts Minors’ Access to Social Media

New Utah Law Restricts Minors’ Access to Social Media, Aims to Address Cyberbullying In a groundbreaking move, Utah has become the first US state to legislate restrictions on social media usage by minors. The new law, which aims to address cyberbullying, prohibits children under 13 from accessing social media platforms without parental consent. The legislation […]

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Microsoft Outlook vs Exchange

Microsoft Outlook vs Exchange: Unveiling the Key Differences for Small to Large Businesses A comprehensive comparison to help businesses choose the right solution for their communication needs. In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient communication and collaboration are more important than ever. Companies of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations, need powerful tools to […]

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IT Support vs. Help Desk

IT Support vs. Help Desk: Understanding the Key Differences In today’s rapidly-evolving technological landscape, businesses of all sizes rely on robust IT infrastructure and services to maintain their competitive edge. This is where IT support and help desk functions come into play. While they may seem synonymous, significant differences can impact your organization’s productivity and […]

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Why Choose ACT360 Web & I.T. as Your IT Services Company in Barrie, Ontario, Canada?

Looking for reliable and efficient IT services in Barrie, Ontario, Canada? Look no further than ACT360 Web & I.T.! Our reputation for high-quality services, customized IT solutions, affordable prices, and community involvement make us the top choice for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more about our range of IT services and how we can help your business thrive.

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12 Hard Truths About Data Recovery and Business Continuity

What is business continuity? In short, it's the ability to retrieve data from anywhere at any time. It's one of those things you don't think about … until it's too late. SMBs can be wiped out by hurricanes, tornados, fires or floods. No one is immune. And when disaster does strike, those SMBs who've taken […]

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Crafting a Solid Incident Response Plan

Your Comprehensive Guide to Crafting a Solid Incident Response Plan Every organization needs a bulwark against cyber threats in today’s digital landscape. This isn’t just a suggestion—it’s imperative. Without a strategic incident response plan, you’re setting your organization up for potential disaster. Let’s delve deeper into creating a robust plan that protects and prepares. Understanding […]

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XPS Files: What You Should Know About Microsoft’s Fixed File Format

XPS Files: What You Should Know About Microsoft’s Fixed File Format Key Points in This Article: An alternative to PDF files, XPS files are a fixed file format that individuals can use to share, view, and print documents You can create XPS files using Microsoft XPS Document Writer and view them using either XPS Viewer […]

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World Backup Day on March 31 – Are You Geared Up and Ready?

World Backup Day on March 31 – Are You Geared Up and Ready? Get ready for World Backup Day on March 31 and secure your digital life! Learn the importance of backing up your data and how to be prepared.  Heads up, folks! World Backup Day is just around the corner on March 31. Are […]

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