|  03.05.2022

3 Reasons To Choose Managed IT Plans Over Monitoring IT Plans

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Having an outsourced third-party organization that specializes in handling IT operations is the most ideal way to keep your IT operations at the highest level. It could be the entire IT system or just a portion of it, but these organizations, known as Managed Service Providers (MSPs), are the ones needed to monitor and managed your IT infrastructure.

The responsibilities of the MSP are agreed upon in the Service Level Agreement (SLA), which defines exactly what services will be provided by the MSP. Those services may lean towards more monitoring IT services or managed IT services.  

Monitoring IT service, however, tends to constitute the typical “break/fix IT” approach, where the MSP monitors your current IT operations, and when something is broken, they come in and fix it, bringing you back to your original state before the issue. A managed IT service on the other hand provides a greater level of service and there are various plans associated with it.  

In this article we will be discussing 3 reasons to choose a managed IT service operation over just a monitoring IT service operation.  

In a nutshell, the 3 reasons to choose managed IT service over monitoring IT service is: 

  • Cost-effectiveness  
  • Proactive system monitoring and control 
  • Scalability 

Why choose Managed IT Plans over Monitoring IT Plans? 


Typical monitoring IT plan would consist of a set number of hours a month with the customer being billed for fixing issues that come up on the system. It's almost like you are paying for someone to find issues, then paying them to fix them! It doesn't work. 

A true Managed IT plan charges a flat rate to manage everything on the system, making your IT expenses more predictable. Your cost becomes a set amount, paid on an annual or monthly basis. The constant break it, fix it approach will give you many frequent and unexpected expenses which will surely damper your budget.  

The true Managed IT plan protects your budget from these unexpected costs. For instance, many systems equipment's needs to be maintained, replaced, or repaired. With maintenance as well as repairs as part of the contract, the cost of that maintenance is absorbed by the service provider. Protecting you from unnecessary fluctuation in cost.  

Furthermore, if you are a small business then the benefits are even greater. The initial costs to hire and train staff while paying to maintain servers and equipment can be a financial strain. With a managed IT plan, you get highly skilled professionals providing A-class service at a flat monthly rate.  

Under this model, the MSP makes money, when you make money. Under a monitoring plan, the MSP would make money when they find things that are broken. Act360 offers a true managed IT plan that fully supports your IT services with one low monthly fee. 

Proactive System Monitoring and Control 

There was once a time when break-fix IT services model ruled the market. Service providers was reactive when they came to responding to problems in an IT infrastructure. But this type of reactive IT support is dead, a true managed IT plan will be proactive in nature, doing all that is necessary to avoid systems from breaking in the first place. 

 According to quostar.com, the lack of active monitoring puts your systems at risk of cyber-attacks and other malicious threats that can cause serious damage to your company.  In fact, on average, a compromised system can stay undetected for 146 days before there is a fault on the system or adverse reactions.  

The lack of active monitoring and control can lead to spyware stealing one's data, ransomware, crypto-jacking, and viruses all sitting on a company's system because there is no proactive approach for finding issues before things go wrong.  

A managed IT plan performs proactive system maintenance and checks while having system performance, security, and uptime as the main thrust. Creating a clear technology roadmap that ensures companies spend only what is needed and stays within their agreed-upon budget. Proactive IT is based on strategy and prevention, not repairing what’s broken. 


A true managed IT plan grows as your business grows, with the cost of their services being low and manageable as your needs increase. To Train and in-house IT staff to adopt new technology may cost several thousands of dollars. With a managed IT plan, that cost is absorbed by the MSP and you pay a flat monthly or annual fee for the service provided.  

Scaling any network or system takes significant effort, manpower, cost, and coordination.  Monitoring IT plan or break/fix-it approach is not suitable for a company-wide upgrade. An IT team has to focus solely on those important functions, security being a major one. A managed IT plan, however, is designed with scalability in mind.  

Having necessary checks, back-ups, and able to move swiftly when a change is happening or about to occur. Any change or upgrade would be done as frictionless as possible with a true managed IT plan, having reduced downtime all throughout the process. 


The break-fix approach to IT management has dominated this industry for a very long time. Moving into a truly managed IT approach requires understanding why it is so important in the first place. It brings Cost-effectiveness, a managed IT plan offers a fixed rate, be it monthly or annually for the service provided.  

Proactive system monitoring and control, where the MSP does not wait to react to a problem at hand but offers a consistent and proactive approach to keeping the system at its most optimal at all times.  Creating a clear technology roadmap that ensures companies spend only what is needed and stays within their agreed-upon budget. 

And Scalability, where the services provided grows as the business grows. Making changes and upgrades as frictionless as possible. The MSP focuses on adopting whatever new technology is introduced with only slight changes to the agreed-upon rates. A true managed IT plan is the future of MSP. 

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