ACT360 & Gerrits Engineering
A Tale of IT Excellence in Barrie, Ontario

Gerrits Engineering partners with ACT360 for reliable IT services in Barrie, underscoring a trusted collaboration for top-tier tech solutions.

ACT360 & Gerrits Engineering
A Tale of IT Excellence in Barrie, Ontario

When an engineering giant in Barrie, Ontario, realized the need for an IT revamp, it wasn't just about switching providers but finding the right technology partner to keep pace with their ever-evolving needs. This narrative will take you through the story of Gerrits Engineering, a revered establishment with a seventeen-year history, and its collaboration with ACT360 Web & I.T. Services, a relationship built on trust, performance, and continuous improvement.

Established 17 years ago, Gerrits Engineering stands proud with a team of approximately 35 talented individuals. The firm has remained loyal to Revit, a state-of-the-art software solution that meets intricate engineering and architectural design demands. The team didn’t stop there; they also incorporated Civil3D into their software arsenal. With multiple teams working on simultaneous projects, synchronizing these tools is crucial. The harmony between software solutions isn't just about functionality; it's the lifeline for projects' smooth execution.

A Tech Forward Company

Cameron Christie, the Operations Director at Gerrits Engineering, aptly labels the firm as a "tech-forward company." Most of their workforce, under 30, boasts of individuals who've grown alongside the rapid technological advancements. For them, technology isn't just a tool; it's an integral part of their professional DNA. Cameron’s candid reflection, "If a beam moves, we know it," encapsulates the precision and attention to detail that technology empowers them with.

However, even the best need assistance. Gerrits Engineering reached a point where their erstwhile IT partner needed help to keep up with their daily technological demands. It wasn’t a question of competency; it was about capacity. Their quest for a new technological ally led them to ACT360 Web & I.T. Services.

How ACT360 Steps In

Christie humorously recounts their initial days, "We were still doing a bunch of IT work ourselves. Trust me; we’re much better engineers than we are IT people." The sentiment reflects a universal truth - the importance of having specialists in every domain. And that's where ACT360 stepped in—as a third-party service provider and partner, ensuring that Gerrits Engineering had the best IT support at every step.

The collaboration has been nothing short of exemplary. From website management to real-time IT solutions, ACT360 has consistently proven its mettle. Cameron fondly recalls an earlier decision to outsource website management to another entity, only to revert to ACT360, realizing the unmatched quality of their services.

A significant aspect of their collaboration is ACT360's locality. Being a Barrie-based IT company was crucial for Cameron during the selection process. The reassurance of having a local partner who comprehends their business needs and is readily available is invaluable.

The Ever Changing Landscape Of Technology

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, adaptability is a prized attribute. Cameron appreciates ACT360's readiness to explore new avenues, agility to pivot in real-time, and indomitable spirit to tackle challenges head-on. While many IT firms might retreat in the face of adversity, ACT360 stands its ground, always ready to "buckle down and get things fixed."

Summing up their journey together, Cameron emphasizes, "We are not looking for home runs daily. We're looking for continuous improvement." With ACT360, Gerrits Engineering has found a partner who resonates with this ethos, ensuring every day is a step towards betterment.

In conclusion, the alliance between Gerrits Engineering and ACT360 is a testament to what organizations can achieve with the right technology partner. Their story isn't just about IT solutions; it's about trust, mutual growth, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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