Consumer or Business Grade - What’s In a Computer?

Everyone thinks the best thing to do when you need a new laptop, whether it be you’re replacing a dying/old laptop, or you’re buying your first laptop, that the key to look for is the specs, and nothing else. While yes, specs do mean longevity, performance and others, if you came across two laptops with the same specs, but one was $250 cheaper, you’d obviously buy that one. Why spend that... more

mobile phone charger cable

Hey, listen, we all forget stuff – I forgot how old my Mom was on her birthday a few days ago (Feb 26), so I just put “Happy 35th birthday anniversary” and called it quits. Everyone laughed, and now I’m out of the will. So you’re sitting there now, reading this with only 9% battery left because you forgot to charge it last night, and you’re hoping one of your co-workers has a cable... more

I have had this blog setup on my website for a long time, so I figured it was high time that I started doing some research and posting my experiences with various things that I find intersting. Since Windows 8 recently came out, I figured I would start... more