Mac Tuneup

Mac maintenance & tuneup's are very difference from Window's maintenance. Mac's tend to last longer between tuneups then window's does, however when a Mac does slow down they tend to require more to get that back running to like new. Software updates, large log files, broken permissions and a variety of other issues can cause your Mac to run slower then it should

Why ACT360

The techs you can talk to


We fix a lot of slow Mac's, and run Mac in our office. This experience allows us to quickly get your issue's fixed

Our Guarantee

If you have any issues after our tuneup, give us a call and we would be glad to get it sorted for you.


We generally take between 2 - 3 business day's for a Mac Tune-up. Faster service available on request.

process summary

We treat your Mac like it's your own. This means we start off by making sure that the hardware and everything else on your machine are working good, and that there are no other obvious issues.

Replicate the Issue

We always like to start out by seeing the slow speed. This lets us verify that our tuneup worked, and know where to focus our efforts. From there we perform a full dardware test to ensure that is not the root cause of any slowness issues.

Tuneup & Repair

We go through the machine and make any cleanup / settings adjustments necessary to get it running properly again

TuneUp Verification

We now test the machine and ensure that the issue we saw before is fixed


In Shop

Many of the Mac repair tools and steps take a long time to run. In shop repair allows us to start a tool, and let the machine run while we work on something else. This makes this option the least expensive, and is offered at a flat rate of just $65. We generally keep the machine for 2 - 3 business days to thourghly complete the repair.

On Site

On site Mac tuneup is ideal when you don't want to bring the machine in, or would like to have it fixed without being without the machine for several days. This option does not allow us to run as many tests as we generally would on the machine in shop, however the exteneded use of the machine allows us to check for most issues through our experiene on a mac. We charge $75 per hour for a On site tuneup, plus a travel fee.

Remote Support

We are able to do a tuneup over remote support. This is ideal for cases where that machine is still usable but is not running it's best. We charge $75 an hour for remote support.

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