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3 Ways to Preserve Your Network NOW

3 Ways to Preserve Your Computer Network

When you don’t preserve your network, you set yourself up for critical issues, not the least of which include data loss and downtime.

Here are 3 things you can do right now to protect your network from a catastrophic event.

3. Back up files – EVERY DAY

According to research conducted in March 2020 by, 21% of SMBs do not have a data protection plan, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks and data loss.

While 57% of the top leaders in accounting, banking and finance said data backup is the key concern in data protection, daily backups are often overlooked. Ontech Systems states, “60% of backups are incomplete and 50% of restores fail.”

Between malware, cyber criminals and natural disasters, it’s not a matter of if SMBs will have a problem, but when. 

2. Maintain Backup Procedures

Data protection is not a set it and forget it task. It requires frequent checks and ongoing maintenance to ensure everything is running as it was set up to run.

For example, you may think your daily backups are working just fine because you see the files every day. But if you’re not checking them, how will you know if those files have become corrupt? How will you know if large chunks of data are being missed?

The only way to be sure your backup procedure is working properly is to check on it frequently.

1. Update Anti-Virus and Firewalls

It may seem like a hassle to continually update your anti-virus and firewall software but failing to do so can leave you exposed to harmful cyber attacks. According to Ontech, roughly 20% of SMBs will be hacked within 1 year, and more than 50% won’t even know they’ve been attacked.

Protect your data with reputable anti-virus and firewall software. And don’t forget to update security patches! New viruses are being created all the time, which means last month’s anti-virus may be obsolete this month without the new patch.

Of course there are many more ways to protect important data. When you're ready to explore your data protection options, give us a buzz, our IT experts will help you setup and implement the right data protection plan for your business.


Our IT maintenance contracts allow us to monitor your network and computers for any issues, and correct them instantly.

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