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5 Ways SMBs Can Improve Data Security on a Budget

5 Ways SMBs Can Improve Data Security on a Budget

Small businesses and large enterprises may seem worlds apart, but they face many of the same cyber-security threats. In fact, modern-day cyber criminals continue to target SMBs simply because they tend to have tighter budgets and less security. 


Fortunately, if you're running an SMB, you don't have to leave yourself vulnerable to attacks. There are some things you can do to stretch a modest security budget. 


It's important to note that we're not suggesting you cut vital corners. That can wind up costing you more in the long run. Instead, try these five simple ways to safeguard your business without breaking the bank.

Prioritize Valuable Data

There are specific aspects to your business that contribute to core operations more than others. If you don't have the budget to secure every piece of data in the business, take care to protect the high-risk data.


Determine which pieces of data could prove catastrophic if lost or stolen, then increase the level of security in that area. 


Think about issues that are high-risk, the "it's likely to happen" issues, then slowly filter down to the "it could happen" risk factors. When budget runs out, at least you can rest easier knowing you've protected your most critical data from potential threats.

Create & Implement Security Policies

Security policies are important in every business, no matter its size. But that's just the first step. 


SMBs are then strongly encouraged to educate employees about the policies, ensuring everyone is aware of appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviours when it comes to systems, network and data security.


If employees fail to follow security policies, they must be held accountable. It's vital to the safety of your business. 

Stay in the Know

Far too many security breaches occur because employees simply aren't aware of the latest malware and phishing schemes.


The simple act of opening an email from an unknown source can put your data in jeopardy. Weak passwords that never change can also put you at risk. And lack of proper security when using public WiFi can be detrimental.


These are the seemingly simple things cyber criminals thrive on. Stay in the know and be sure your employees are aware of potential threats. 

Soar to the Cloud

Running applications and servers in-house is a costly endeavor. Instead, head for the cloud. Not only will you cut costs, but you'll strengthen security. Cloud tools are typically protected by built-in security features, which takes the onus off you to maintain those security features.


Take it one step further by putting the burden on a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to remotely monitor and maintain your data security.

Just Start Somewhere

Try not to fall victim to analysis paralysis. If aiming for perfection is preventing you from taking action to secure your data, your efforts are in vain. 


Because security threats are continuously evolving, so too does your security strategy. That means there's no such thing as perfection -- it's a constant work in progress. So just start somewhere.  


Need help getting started? Talk to our security experts today, we’re here to help.


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