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IT Consulting & Support

Even just a few hours of operational downtime leads to diminished productivity and lost wages resulting in costly hours wasted. Whether it’s a broken laptop or a malfunctioning printer, Act360’s help desk is here to help you with your problematic technology. Bring us your small devices or have us come to you to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Information Technology

Information technology (IT) includes the troubleshooting, support, and maintenance of computers and their systems. Businesses need IT to properly use technology and prevent or combat the technological issues that arise in their ongoing operations.

Why Outsource Your IT Support?

Outsourcing your IT consulting and support comes with many great benefits!

Reduced costs:

When you outsource your IT, you only acquire services when you need them. Cost is greatly reduced as your budget is only put towards what's essential and never goes wasted.

Greater range of skill sets:

An in-house technician is limited in what they can accomplish. Outsourcing means you get the skills of an entire team specializing in a wide range of different IT areas.


Access to specialized software:

Outsourcing allows you to gain access to specialized software used to manage customer networks. In-house IT means having to purchase that software for yourself which can be costly.

Why ACT360 For IT Consulting

Having the right information close at hand is a big part of making sure your IT problems are handled correctly. Without it, you run the risk of significant downtime, lost wages, and missing information. So, why choose Act360 as your qualified IT consultant?


Act360's team of experts come together as leaders in the industry with an accumulation of over 12 years of experience. Our team members specialize in different information technology areas with roles ranging from a small business consultant and project manager to lead technician.   


As Microsoft Silver, Dell, and VMware partners, we've proudly helped businesses ranging anywhere from 5 users to over 200.


Business Planning for the Future

Our IT consultants look at what's happening in your business, both now and in the future. We work with you to determine where you see your business headed in the years to come. Should it be a part of your plan to grow or expand to multiple locations, we will recommend a strategy to save you money and prevent redoing work in the future.   

Smaller solutions can also be implemented until you're ready to take on growth. Our ultimate goal is to help develop strategies that will optimize the long-term success of your business.


Flexible Delivery Options

Act360 offers multiple IT consulting delivery options so you can get expert help to suit your exact needs.   

Our IT consultants will come to you and meet you on-site for an in-person IT consultation session. Alternatively, we can help you from a remote location as we can access your software and provide recommendations from anywhere.

Software & Monitoring

We use specialized software to allow us to monitor and manage your network, this allows us to ensure minimal down time, along with knowing exactly what is going On. In our experience people don't have time to notify us of minor / major issues. The result of this is lost down time and issues that we don't even know about. By having monitoring & notification software we are able to pick up and resolve far more of these issues then otherwise possible.

How much does an IT Consultant cost?

ACT360 Web & IT Inc offers two different pricing options for you to choose from.

MSP Package

Our Managed Service Plan (MSP) gives you full-service IT, including IT consulting, at a monthly flat rate. Our MSP covers both broken technologies that need fixing along with projects to implement new solutions and software. This option is great for businesses who would like to leverage their technology infrastructure while also minimizing costs.   

We are happy to offer preferred pricing on our monthly packages.

On-Demand Break-Fix Model

The 'break-fix' model is exactly what it sounds like! You break it, we come and fix it. This solution is also great for ad hoc consulting requests as well as any one off projects you may need help on.   


On-demand services are offered at $115 per hour, with travel time billed in 30-minute increments.

What is IT consulting?

IT consulting involves professionals providing advice and strategy on what solutions and software a business should implement to make the organization as efficient as possible. An IT consultant will help identify weaknesses and use their knowledge to make recommendations on what strategies to use to help build business strength.

A break-fix solution means an IT professional will provide recommendations once a technological issue has already arisen. A virtual chief information officer solution, on the other hand, includes providing strategy around how to prevent and control any of the problems that may occur.


Our IT maintenance contracts allow us to monitor your network and computers for any issues, and correct them instantly.

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Why Us?

With 10 years of experience in IT industry, and hundreds of clients server, we have the experience and attention to detail to keep you running smooth.