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Web Application Development

Web app development is about more than just automating some of the day-to-day tasks in your business. It’s about creating a framework for you and your customers to thrive upon. Act360’s team of experts is here to get the job done right! 

What is Web Application Development?

Simply put, web application development is the process of building web applications. Web applications are programs that live on remote servers and are accessible to users through the internet. 

These programs are used as interactive solutions to problems and are set up for seamless use by developers. 

ACT360 Web & IT Inc is a web app development company based in Barrie, Ontario. We’re ready to help you with the web application development process. 

Web Application Development Process

The process for us as a web app development company is never a one size fits all solution, but our commitment to our clients usually follows these steps.  

Define the Goal

We take a strategized approach to understanding your problems and needs first. This helps us as web developers to provide a solution.  

Framework Decisioon

After we have worked together to establish a prototype it’s time to choose a framework or platform that will perform best for your needs.  

Plan and Prototype

A robust plan is put together to map out the workflow of your custom web app development project which is then transformed into a protype for you to review and critique.

Building Your Web App

Our team works to develop the backend, front end and database around your custom web application.  



Once you have received the prototype of your web app, we take your feedback and work on it with you until it’s perfect.

Testing and Launch

Web applications go through thorough testing processes, after which they are ready to launch and perform! 

Why Choose Act360 for Web Application Development?

Our approach is different from our competitors'. Here’s how: 


Act360 is a team you can rely on. We are fast-working and always ensure your web app is in great working form, even if that means providing support all around the clock.  


Our web apps are consistently built to perform and serve your unique needs. Custom web app development services ensure a better customer experience that keeps customers interested and engaged.  



Act360’s team of web app developers are able to handle the most complex web application development projects, as well as any of the problems that pop up with them over time.  


Cost Effective

Web app development projects that keep everything organized and ‘run’ day-to-day operations can always be done with your budget in mind.  

Frameworks & Platforms

Act360’s tried and true web app development systems.


Our main system for developing custom application projects is Drupal. Drupal is a flexible and very powerful content management system framework that allows very complex systems to be built very quickly.  


Drupal has great standard features, like easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security. What really sets it apart, however, is its flexibility. It allows you to build the versatile and structured content that dynamic web experiences need.


React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. Our team most often uses React with Drupal to add functionality and create interactive user interfaces without needed page refreshes. 

React is especially great for its quickness and efficiency in creating simple views that work to make it easier to predict code and debug it. 

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