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Antivirus & Computer Security

Act360 works with all kinds of businesses to develop strong network security. Our technicians can give you advice on how to secure your; network, laptops, and even your employees’ cell phones. We offer several solutions we can recommend that can grow with your business as well as provide ongoing virus protection. Moving away from individually licensed antivirus programs will help your team work together more efficiently and make your company more secure.

Avoid Costly Viruses & Security Breaches

Becoming a victim to a major virus or security breach is costly to both you and your customer. Some of the ways this can end up costing your business are;

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Loss of Customer Trust

Whether you lost their data or simply made headlines about losing your own. Customers are likely to jump ship from a company they can’t trust.

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Unexpected Hardware Crashes

Unexpected hardware crashes cause downtime and loss of productivity, having the right software in place can prevent this.

Legal Liabilities

Legal Liabilities

Losing data you were responsible for can open you up to lawsuits which, even if you win, cost time and money on lawyers, meetings, etc.


Managed Antivirus & Patch Solutions

It is important to ensure that the antivirus is turned on and working the way it is supposed to. Once we know everything is set up properly, regular updates are needed to keep your antivirus running at it’s optimal strength. If we discover viruses on your system, we will remove them if possible.

Our patch solution will update your operating system, whether that be Windows or Mac, and select third party software automatically. This means no more unexpected updates that you must watch for an hour and is the best way to prevent vulnerabilities as it stops them before they happen. In the event of failures, our IT experts are here for quick repairs.

Managed Antivirus & Patch Solutions


Our IT maintenance contracts allow us to monitor your network and computers for any issues, and correct them instantly.

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Why Us?

With 10 years of experience in IT industry, and hundreds of clients server, we have the experience and attention to detail to keep you running smooth.