First Blog Post - Impressions of Windows 8

I have had this blog setup on my website for a long time, so I figured it was high time that I started doing some research and posting my experiences with various things that I find intersting. Since Windows 8 recently came out, I figured I would start with it.

The first thing I see when using Windows 8 is how different it is from any other desktop operating system that I have ever used. Rather then hidding the links to programs in a menu, Microsoft choose to put all of the programs front and centre. While this is very good for a small number of programs it requires a lot of scrolling and time moving the mouse for large numbers of programs ( I have hundreds). To remedy this Microsoft made it so you can just start typing on the main screen and it will automatically search for the program. I loved this feature! Being able to get to any program without clicking the mouse is a great feature for power users and anyone on the computer all day. 

The biggest issue I see with Windows 8 right away is that a lot of functions are not in front of you. While they have put the frequently used programs on the made screen and made them more accessible, they have hidden the search, start desktop, shut down settings buttons to the sides of the screens. Users will need to remeber what corners do what, and remeber to sit there mouse in the corners and not keep moving it. 

I think that over time people will get used to this interface and should be able to remeber where some of the features are hidden. I am going to continue to use Windows 8 and let you know my experiences with it.